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A Fantasy Of Mediterranean Travel

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We were quartered on a Nile steamer, moored to the dock, as the hotels were crowded. We had hardly landed on the deck when the flies lit on us in swarms. In all parts of the world I had encountered flies that held the record for abandoned cruelty to man, but they were white-winged angels of peace compared to these tarantulas! They stuck and hung and dug into your flesh with apparent glee. You have whips, whisks, fans and bunches of twigs to chase and defeat them, but it's all no use. You kill a dozen and a hundred take their place. -from "Egypt" Much more than a missive from exotic ports of call, this delightful 1909 travelogue is like taking a long and agreeable sea voyage with a smart, snarky friend. Bayne, who distained "post-card mania" but revels in roundabout stories and clever character sketches, treats us to his wonderful, witty observations of such far-off places as Cadiz, Alhambra, Constantinople, the Dead Sea, Messina, Pompeii, Monte Carlo, and much more. Set sail in a round-the-world cruise without ever leaving home... and journey back in time to a more elegant era when every vacation was an adventure. OF INTEREST TO: armchair travelers, readers of early-20th-century literature American author SAMUEL GAMBLE BAYNE (1844-1924) also wrote On an Irish Jaunting-Car: Through Donegal and Connemara (1902) and Quicksteps Through Scandinavia, With a Retreat from Moscow (1908).

Yoga Traveling

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This book focuses on yoga's transcultural dissemination in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In the course of this process, the term "yoga" has been associated with various distinctive blends of mental and physical exercises performed in order to achieve some sort of improvement, whether understood in terms of esotericism, fitness, self-actualization, body aesthetics, or health care. The essays in this volume explore some of the turning points in yoga's historico-spatial evolution and their relevance to its current appeal. The authors focus on central motivations, sites, and agents in the spread of posture-based yoga as well as on its successive (re-)interpretation and diversification, addressing questions such as: Why has yoga taken its various forms? How do time and place influence its meanings, social roles, and associated experiences? How does the transfer into new settings affect the ways in which yogic practice has been conceptualized as a system, and on what basis is it still identified as (Indian) yoga? The initial section of the volume concentrates on the re-evaluation of yoga in Indian and Western settings in the first half of the twentieth century. The following chapters link global discourses to particular local settings and explore meaning production at the micro-social level, taking Germany as the focal site. The final part of the book focuses on yoga advertising and consumption across national, social, and discursive boundaries, taking a closer look at transnational and deterritorialized yoga markets, as well as at various classes of mobile yoga practitioners.

The Time Travel Family

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Mickey befriends the class nerd Randy Uhrmacher. Soon after, Mickey discovers Randy's family are time travelers. When they time travel to 1930s Austria to find out what happened to Randy's Uncle Ezra, the boys (and a stowaway) get stranded. The friends must find a way to save Uncle Ezra, escape the Nazis, and return to the Future-all before the clock runs out!


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